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What is 144cores MPO Fiber Patch Panel?

What is 144cores MPO Fiber Patch Panel?

The high density 144 core MPO fiber patch panel is based on standard preterminated fiber patch cord, which can accommodate up to 12pcs of 12core  MPO cassette module, which is providing high density fiber cores, and saves wiring space, and can be installed and maintained quickly and effectively. It is mainly used in High density MPO cabling occasions such as computer centers, computer rooms, databases, etc..

The Structure of 144 core MPO Fiber Patch Panel



As we can see, this is 1U MPO fiber patch panel with three sliding layers to hold MPO cassette module. The ABS MPO cassette module is mounted with MPO-LC fiber patch cords, which is plug-and-play, and designed to improve flexibility and manageability, reducing installation costs.


The compact design of MPO Cassette Module


The MPO cassette module can be mounted with 6x duplex LC fiber adapters and 1pcs MPO fiber adapter MPO-LC fiber optic patch cord, which is plug-and-play, rapid deployment, and designed to improve flexibility and manageability, reducing installation costs.


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