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25G Optical Transceiver Module Cabling

25G Optical Transceiver Module Cabling

The modern Internet industry is changing with each passing day, and the scale of global data centers continues to expand and upgrade. A large number of optical transceiver modules are required for internal interconnection and access networks, making optical transceiver modules the fastest-growing product in the optical communications market. High-speed, high-density, low power consumption, and low cost are the primary goals of current data center construction. The demand for 25G optical transceiver modules and 25G cables is a quantum leap in this market environment. Today UnitekFiber will explain the 25G network cabling.

25G SFP28 DAC high-speed cable: link length 1-5m

25G SFP28 DAC high-speed cable has excellent attenuation performance and low delay performance, so that the signal transmission is correct, and can also increase the transmission speed. 25G SFP28 to SFP28 DAC is a very cost-effective short-distance link transmission solution. It can establish a 25G link through the SFP28 port of the switch and is widely used in data center or supercomputer center system scenarios.


25G SFP28 AOC active optical cable: link length 70-100m

The transmission distance of 25G SFP28 AOC and OM3 multimode fiber can be up to 70m when used together, and the transmission distance can be up to 100m when used with OM4 multimode fiber. They are suitable for short-distance data communication and interconnection applications, and are racks. The connection with adjacent racks provides a cost-effective way, which is widely used in high-speed, high-density, and low-power data center networks. UnitekFiber can provide users with 25G DAC/AOC/optical transceiver modules and other products and efficient optical network application connection solutions.



SFP-25G-SR optical transceiver module: link length 100m

The transmission wavelength of the SFP-25G-SR optical transceiver module is 850nm. Used together with OM3/OM4 multimode fiber, the transmission distance is up to 100m, which is a short-distance transmission optical module. The SFP-25G-SR optical transceiver module is mainly suitable for 25G Ethernet switches, routers, network interface cards and storage network equipment.

SFP-25G-LR optical transceiver module: link length 10KM

The transmission of SFP-25G-LR optical transceiver module is 1310nm, usually used with single-mode fiber, the transmission distance can reach 10km, suitable for long-distance data transmission, SFP-25G-LR optical transceiver module uses DFB laser.



25G SFP28 BIDI optical transceiver module: link length 10-20KM

When the 25G SFP28 BIDI optical transceiver module is used with single mode fiber, the transmission distance can reach 10km, which can be expanded to 20km according to different power budgets.



The above is about the wiring of the 25G network. 25G optical modules can provide the most energy-efficient way to meet the increasing demands of data center networks. 25G SFP28 AOC/25G SFP28 DAC is the most cost-effective solution for short-distance connections of 25G ToR switches. In addition, if you want to realize the long-distance connection of 25G ToR switch, you can realize it through the combination of 25G SFP28 optical module and optical fiber jumper.

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