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Fiber Optic Termination Box

Fiber Optic Termination Box

          The fiber optic termination box is made of ABS material and is a box for protecting optical fiber cable and pigtail welding at the termination of the optical cable, and is mainly used for straight-through force connection, branch connection of the indoor optical cable and fixing of the cable terminal, and functions as a pigtail disk storage and protection joint.                    


Fiber Optic Termination Box is used in the end termination of drop cables in residential buildings and villas, to fix and splice with pigtails. FTTH fiber termination box can be installed on the wall and can adapt variety of optical connection styles.

Internal structure  of Fiber Optic Termination Box
Fiber fixing clip: fix incoming fiber cables;
Splice tray: used for welding and branching of optical fibers; the cover can be flipped, the disc can be stacked, the capacity is expanded, and the installation is extremely convenient.

FTTH Terminal Box

UnitekFiber supplies various type of Fiber Optic Termination Box. Our terminal box is including 2 ports, 4 ports, 8 ports, 16 ports, 24 ports, 48 port etc. 

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