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Be Our Partner

Be Our Partner

UnitekFiber is a group company with production from Fiber indoor/outdoor cables to cable assembles and Fiber optical Patch panel series.We are with extensive capacity in production to support customers and we also can be your OEM facotry to support you win a big market.

We, UnitekFiber, are a company specialized in the production of Fiber optic cable for indoor/outdoor environment, also for fiber optic Patch Cable panel series. We are ready to be your OEM partner to support your business in your local market.

Why choose UnitekFiber?
  • UnitekFiber can offer you to be a strong partner not only in the supply of products but also in helping you to develop custom solutions with our engineers and experience.
  • We can adapt our products to your specific project needs, as we work with a wide range of fiber optic cables and accessories and do the manufacture ourselves. The experience and flexibility we can offer, can be a great advantage for your business. 
  • We also are already working with customers in the European and South and North American market, so we understand that each project is different, with their own regulations and specifications. 
  • We can offer product samples and if you are in China, you can visit our facilities to check how we work. We are located in the electronics heart of China, Shenzhen Guangming District. 
  • We are happy to cooperate with our customers globally and to establish a win-win long term business relationship. Please don’t hesitate to email us to sales@unitekfiber.com .
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