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Direct Bury Fiber Optic Cable

Direct Bury Fiber Optic Cable

Definition of Direct Buried Fiber Optic Cable
Directly buried fiber optic cables are buried directly underground without protection. Direct bury fiber optic cable usually with double sheath and Kevlar yarn for protection.


Most direct bury fiber optic cables are unique in that they can withstand humidity, heat, and soil acidity in the soil. And the direct bury fiber cable also has the certain conductivity.

Description of Direct Bury Fiber Optic Cable

Direct bury cables have no protective covers and they are buried directly underground. They may be exposed to harsh environmental conditions such as changes in temperature and humidity in the soil. Therefore, the different environments faced by direct bury cables determine the level of protection required.

Whether it's a solid armored fiber optic cable buried directly in the ground, or a conduit that can pass anything, a direct-buried fiber optic cable is an ideal mounting material. Corrugated steel strips provide a protective barrier between the cable and its surrounding components thanks to its excellent water resistance. Armored direct-burial fiber optic cables operate over the -40°C to 85°C temperature range, so they are well protected against harsh temperatures.

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