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Fiber Optical PLC Splitters

Fiber Optical PLC Splitters

What is PLC Splitter
PLC is the abbreviation of Planar Lightwave Circuit, which is a planar optical waveguide. Unlike traditional Splitters, PLC Splitters are fabricated in a semiconductor process and can integrate different functional optical components onto a single chip. This is the basic process technology for integrating, modularizing and miniaturizing optoelectronic devices. More>
PLC Splitter one of the main raw materials: chips

The PLC splitter chip is fabricated using a semiconductor process (lithography, etching, development, etc.). The optical waveguide array is located on the upper surface of the chip, and the shunt function is integrated on the chip, that is, the shunt is realized on one chip. In general, each node has a split ratio of 50:50. Then, the multi-channel fiber arrays of the input end and the output end are respectively coupled at both ends of the chip and the optical path of the package waveguide is performed.

The PLC splitter chip

The main raw material of PLC Splitter:  fiber array

Fiber Arrays are fabricated in V-grooves that utilize a special bonding process for precise fiber positioning and high reliability to meet different needs. The thermal expansion coefficient matching package design ensures that the fiber array board is stress-free, highly reliable, and has no fiber shift at high temperatures. The end face angle can be precisely ground as required. Meets Telcordia GR-1209-CORE and GR-1221-CORE standards.

fiber array

Fiber array structure

Fiber arrays rely primarily on precision-scribed V-grooves for positioning. Fiber spacing is the most important inspection item. The core spacing includes two detection metrics, the lateral distance between the core and the core (called the Pitch) and the longitudinal distance between them (called Deviation). The deviation of both is generally controlled at ± 0.5μm. The distance between adjacent fiber centers is l=127um/250um, d∝2um, r=125um. As shown below:

Fiber array structure
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