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Fiber Optic Reflector for FTTx Network Monitoring

Fiber Optic Reflector for FTTx Network Monitoring

Fiber optic reflector is an optical passive device that allows only certain bands to pass through, using FBG fiber gratings or filters to reflect specific reflection wavelengths back, while normally passing through other communication bands that are not within the specific reflection wavelength range.

The fiber optic reflector has low insertion loss in the transmission wavelength range and high reflectivity in the reflection wavelength range. It is an ideal optical terminal for FTTx network link monitoring and is suitable for point-to-point (PTP) and point-to-multipoint (PTMP) networks. Typically installed in the user's home to highlight these locations in the OTDR trace by the reflection of the test signal.

Fiber optic reflector

As shown in the figure above, the fiber optic reflector can be mounted on the ONU side. The OTDR can detect the intensity of the optical signal reflected by the reflector, and compare the return loss between the normal line and the faulty link to determine whether the fiber in the link is damaged or broken. However, the normal passive optical network (PON) system operating wavelength does not meet the reflector conditions and then passes through the reflector with little attenuation. The reflector achieves the monitoring function without disturbing or losing the flow.

Common reflector types are available with special pigtail or adapter type. UnitekFiber’s reflector is a reflector based on SC connector package. The connector interface is SC/APC, SC/PC.

SC reflector

SC reflector pigtail                           SC reflector 

The fiber optic reflector has the characteristics of simple structure, low cost, and good stability. The main reference parameters are small insertion loss, high return loss and high reflectivity. The optical continuity of the user needs to be checked when troubleshooting, and the small size of the reflector allows it to be conveniently placed in series at the end of the user.

With the implementation of the fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) project, the coverage of the optical network is getting larger and larger, and more and more users are involved. Therefore, the maintenance of the entire optical network and the rapid and accurate detection of network faults are particularly important. Fiber optic reflectors will be widely used in FTTx networks, PON OTDR testing, central room reflectivity testing, and communication system link detection.
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